Harmoni Cinta Rossa Press Conference


Rossa promises her “best performance” for all her “Pecinta Rossa” at her first solo concert in Singapore, “Harmoni Cinta Rossa” live at the Esplanade on 14 October 2011!

The well-known Indonesian artiste will be performing over 20 songs during the 2-hour performance including chartbuster songs such as Atas Nama Cinta, Ayat-Ayat Cinta, as well as her latest hits single, Ku Menunggu. However, that is not all.

Singapore Malay Entertainment Portal Sungguh.com had a friendly session with Rossa at Kintamani Restaurant, Hotel Furama Riverfront while she tells us more about the upcoming concert.

During the concert, Rossa will also be performing her new duet with guest artiste, Taufik Batisah. The new duet, which was composed by Taufik himself, is titled Aku Bersahaja. The idea for the duet came to them approximately a year ago when both attended the launch of Singapore Malay Orchestra. 6 months ago, Taufik gave her the song, which she “listened to and fell in love with it instantly”. 3 months back, they recorded the song: Taufik in Singapore and Rossa in Jakarta. On 14 October, the audiences of Harmoni Cinta Rossa are the lucky ones who will be the first to witness them singing their new duet which Rossa describes as “so sweet”. The concert will also be the official launch of the new duet which will be aired and released only in Singapore and Malaysia.

When asked about her choice with regards to the concert title, Rossa explains that her career “started in cinta” with reference to her first album, Nada Nada Cinta. Thus, she feels that it would be best to give a “persembahan cinta” for her concert. Rossa laughs when she was questioned about her own personal love life. Then, she answered calmly: “Yes, I have a boyfriend already.” This was followed by a loud cheer from the crowd. She also added that her boyfriend is “a Malaysian guy” but without giving any more details into the matter.

Rossa had her previous concert at Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur which gathered a crowd of more than 4,000 audiences. Her extravaganza concert at Esplanade in Singapore is expected to draw a full house. If you have not gotten your tickets for the wonderful evening with Rossa, live at Esplanade on 14 October, you should really get them quick because tickets are selling fast!