Fiesta Muzik! Music collaboration between the best of two countries – Indonesia & Singapore!


Fiesta Muzik – a joint performance by Singapore and Indonesian artistes – filled the MediaCorp TV Theatre with extravagant dance and music last night. The audiences were treated with wonderful performances from various artistes including first Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah, first Asian Idol Hady Mirza, top female Indonesian singer Rossa, Indonesian Idol 2005 finalist Kamaya, and several others. The collaboration was not just among the singers. The music was arranged by Singapore’s Indra Shahrir together with Indonesia’s Anton Seva, while the dancers were a combination of talented modern contemporary dancers from Electrify E (Singapore) as well as Izul Dancers from Indonesia.

Singapore Malay Entertainment Portal got the chance to mingle with some of the artistes after the show.

The Singapore host, Fauzie Laily, voices his happiness for being chosen to represent Singapore during the show. When asked about his hosting experience with Indonesian beauty, Nadia Mulya, Fauzie describes her as “proper and experienced”. Fauzie tells that he is currently undergoing filming for a latest drama in which he will be acting with a Korean. He also added that he is in the process of finishing his hippie album.

For the host from Indonesia, Nadia Mulya, this is her first time hosting in Singapore and she feels glad that the show went better than she had expected. She is also impressed by the production team in Singapore, which she claims to be “very professional”. Nadia is still active as a presenter and emcee. In addition to that, she is also writing a book and managing an online shop. But most importantly, Nadia is busy taking care of her two daughters.

They are known for their killer single, Hanya Ingin Kau Tahu. Consisting of 6 members, Repvblik Band originated from Bogor, Indonesia. The band is honoured to be part of Fiesta Muzik, which they see as a glorious event which allows “musicians from both countries to work together and create friendships”. Their third album, Transisi, consists of 11 songs. The band is now busy doing promotional tours in Indonesia for the album.

She was a former half of the duo Ratu. Now, Pinkan Mambo is in the process of launching her new album in addition to doing tours. She has been travelling a lot lately including to China, Taiwan and Australia. In fact, Singapore is the seventh country that she visits this year. She voices her hope to promote the album in Singapore.

Kamaya was first introduced to the music scene when she became one of the top 6 finalists for Indonesian Idol in 2005. She is known for her rockish style and is popular for her single, Bintang Kehidupan. Her most memorable experience during the show is when she “sang a Malay duet with Nana Karia, La Di Da Di Da”. She is now actively promoting her newly released second single, Bisa Sendiri, which she feels is “more ballad”. She hopes that the single will reach out and be in favour of her Singapore fans.

In Singapore, Awi Rafael might be better known as the frontman of successful group, Bhumiband. However, he is a very popular singer in neighbouring country, Malaysia, especially with his hit single, Pulanglah. The music video for his second single, Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta, will be released in Singapore soon. Fans are to look out for more from this unique singer, as he claims to be “working into future collaborations with Indonesian band, Sheila On 7”.

For sure, this will not be the last effort between Indonesia and Singapore in bringing joyous entertainment to all fans. Fans can be assured that there will definitely more upcoming shows of this kind for them.