Laskar Pelangi – The Beautiful Story of the Rainbow Troop



Musical fan or not, you’d probably give it five stars. The theatrical performance, Laskar Pelangi, was simply beyond SPECTACULAR! In conjunction with Pesta Raya – Malay Festival of Arts 2011 by Esplanade, the production brought music and dance acts to a whole new level. And the witness is…none other than the team from Singapore’s Malay Entertainment Portal,!



This time round, it isn’t about glitz and glam. But it’s all about making it REAL. Just seconds after the curtain opened, a van drove in. Yes, we were impressed and we knew there was more to come.


The story is based on the best-selling Indonesian novel that tells a story about ten students in an elementary school at Belitung Island. With passionate teachers, Muslimah and Harfan, to guide them through, their struggles and strengths become an inspiration to the poor labourers in the village.


What made the show remarkable was perhaps the brilliant stage set. The “hills and slopes” were moving in and out with incredible timing and they look SO SURREAL. Not forgetting the beautifully crafted houses, shops, school and everything else. Impressive. Very impressive.


The casts? They were extremely talented! With great dance choreography and music composition, every scene was nothing short of ALIVE. Of course, hats off to the ten amazing children with heartwarming vocals as well the main leads – Muslimah and Harfan.


Laskar Pelangi is one true musical that takes us to the heart of friendship, life and dreams. Sungguh congratulate everyone involved in the production as well as their loving supporters!


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