Rausyanfikir is Back!


Pesta, pesta, pesta, pesta,pesta, perut! – do those words ring a bell to you? Back in their glory days, Rausyanfikir, comprising of members Art Fazil, Mohd Khair Mohd Yasin (Khayas), and Allahyarham Esham Jamil with their sensational hits Dhikir Fikir Fikir and Pesta Perut used to be the rave through the 90s. Having formed the band in early 90s, the legendary duo thrives strong with their passion. Singapore’s Malay Entertainment Portal Sungguh.com was privileged to get the insight scoops of this legendary duo.


Like most other bands, they were faced by challenges along the way. Upon their debut in 1992, they were not as well received as other pop/rock mainstream bands of that age. They even had to start their own recording studio, Sakinah Productions! Despite that, with their catchy tunes and versatility to adapt and create catchy tracks with words relatable to the masses, they were able to uphold the longevity of Rausyanfikir. Their strong belief in writing music that are influenced by real-life happenings around the world enable them to connect to their listeners. Conventional, but way cool isn’t it?

Their first album was produced in 1992, that’s almost 2 decades ago! Since then they have been popular among youths at that age. They have since then released countless hits loved by fans. Recently in July, they released a compilation album – Revolution, which includes 2 new tracks Rentak Hati by Art and Blues Tak Boleh Angkat by Khayas.

Their most recent release includes the renowned hits from way before. It is said to be more polished – with groundbreaking technology of today, they were excited to share how their old tracks could be re-mixed to sound cleaner and a lot more whole. Besides the 14 re-mixed tracks and 2 brand new tracks in the album, the DVD/CD package also includes 2 music videos of their old hits, Skrunya Dah Longgar & Seketika.

Sungguh.com is giving away a copy of the compilation album, stand a chance to be the lucky recepient! All you have to do is write in to us in the comments belowand tell us the name of the compilation album. Contest closes on 15th Dec so don’t miss out! Good luck!