Shah Going Solo


“I am not the type of person who walks down the street and hopes for people to notice me.” – says Shahridzuan Selamat, or more affectionately known as Shah, previously from the hot local trio act Revalina, when asked how he is able to garner such affection from his fans. Being an undergrad student at Chapman University Singapore, a freelance film enthusiast and an artiste all at once, must be stressful and hectic one might think. But not for the young music extraordinaire. Being a driven and ambitious young man, Shah does his best in all his commitments despite his time constraints. Shah shares some insights with Singapore’s Malay Entertainment Portal!

Revalina was a household name known to the malay society in Singapore. Their separation may have broken the hearts of many fans, but fret not! They will continue to shine as solo artistes given their talent and passion for music. It was a mutual decision made by the trio. Shah explains that it is about time they all shine on their own. “Being in Revalina is like going to school. I’ve learnt many things to prepare myself and now I am sure that we will all be successful as individuals” – explains Shah who also confesses his desire to have full creative control over his works. Shah also promises future works with his former members. Good luck for your upcoming works, guys!
Shah was given an opportunity to produce a track for Rahayu Ridwan, an Anugerah finalist. That is a huge achievement for a man of his age! Having written the song in his own point of view, Shah explains his difficulties in having to put himself in the shoes of a young woman who is going through hardship and dilemma. However the talented soulful musician produced a perfect track for Rahayu to carry off. At the end of it, Shah is perfectly satisfied with Rahayu’s performance which was quoted to be – ‘perfect’.
Inspiration is not easy to come by for some but for Shah, he had easily written the track “Hingga Lain Waktu” on a trip to Sarawak at his own free time. Shah expresses, “Love does not make the world go round”. Depressing as it sounds, Hingga Lain Waktu is a track written about an inter-racial couple who had to part ways due to contrasting beliefs in religion. Jean Lim, his duet partner, is said to be a good friend. Shah proudly explains her amazing tonal control and capabilities to sing a malay song despite having no knowledge on the language. Targeting the Malaysian and Indonesian crowd, Shah hopes for Jean’s feature in the track would be well-received by listeners all around asia. Being an independent solo artist is not easy. Ambitious and thought-driven, not only has Shah gathered his own crew and forked out from his own pocket money to fly his crew and cast to Dubai, he had also self-produced, directed and planned for the shoot of the music video for Hingga Lain Waktu! Now, that is impressive! Just from a glance of the music video, anyone could tell it was not a simple set. Kudos to Shah for having pulled off an amazing job!
Being a driven young man, Shah desires to have more focus in the producing and composing line instead of being a performing artist, in the near future. It was a great opportunity to be able to meet a young man of such caliber. There is no denying his drive to succeed is admirable and inspirational to all young adults. Good luck to Shah for his upcoming works as a solo artiste!