GIGI Sweet Seventeen LIVE in Singapore


The audiences were treated to a night down memory lane with hit songs from the renowned Indonesian band, Gigi, through their 17 years together. The band, recently voted as Indonesia’s Top Ten favourite bands of all time, is made up of vocalist Armand Maulana, guitarist Dewa Budjana, drummer Gusti Hendy, and bassist Thomas Ramdhan.

Performing chartbusters such as 11 Januari, Nirwana, Janji and several others, Gigi really rocked the Rock Auditorium. Fans were seen clapping their hands and moving their body along to the familiar tunes while they sang in sync with Armand. Gigi’s performance was undeniably energetic, true to the band’s age of 17.

In fact, the concert was not just about the legendary band performing their hit songs. It was also an enjoyable session for the fans as Armand engaged them actively with his friendly antics, calling out to hysterical fans while teasing them. Like the saying goes, “save the best for the last”, Gigi adhered to it. They ended the night with contented audiences dancing along to their all-time hit, Nakal.

Singapore Malay Entertainment Portal had a quick casual session with Armand, Budjana, Hendy and Thomas.

How did Gigi get its name?

Budjana: We wanted a name that was simple yet symbolic so that it will be easy for fans to remember us, so we came up with the name Gigi.

How is the response for the Sweet Seventeen Tour?

Armand: The response is overwhelming and lively!

Thomas: The tour started small, in a part of Indonesia, before we went on to perform through the whole Indonesia, then we went to countries like Japan, USA and Singapore.

Gigi has been travelling around to several countries for the Sweet Seventeen Tour, which country does Gigi likes most, why?

Budjana: Japan. We are really touched that 90% of the audiences for our performances there are made up of Japanese. Our songs are also well-received by them, and we’ve been coming back to Japan for several times.

Out of all the albums that Gigi has produced, which is Gigi’s favourite album?

Hendy: We like our latest album, Sweet Seventeen!

Gigi has received many awards and appreciations all these while, which one of them makes Gigi feel very proud and honoured to receive it, why?

Hendy: The Grammy Award! (laughs)

Armand: It is definitely the award that we received during Anugerah Planet Muzik (APM) 2009 that was held in Jakarta. Gigi was awarded the Anugerah Khas Planet Muzik (Achievement Award). The recognition is something that we truly appreciate, especially since APM is between Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. We have not been given such kind of appreciation from Indonesia, yet our efforts are recognized by Singapore, the organizer of APM. We are very honoured for that.


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