Mat Yoyo returns!


A favourite children series in the mid-80s, Mat Yoyo, comes back to local television. This time, the highly popular series will not be just on one, but four channels! Mat Yoyo will now have separate versions in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil which will be telecast over MediaCorp’s Okto, Channel 8, Suria and Vasantham channels respectively.

The all new Mat Yoyo will be hosted by four different hosts and two adorable cats, Yoyo and Yaya played by children between 5 and 11 years old. The hosts include familiar TV faces Kim Wakerman for Okto, Ya Hui for Channel 8, Danial Ashriq for Suria and Ebi Shankara for Vasantham.

The new series will showcase new elements, while incorporating the best of the old in a fun way. Mat Yoyo aims to encourage children’s inquisitiveness and imagination through creative learning.

The 50-episode info-educational series is the first television project for MediaCorp that covers Singapore’s four main languages, giving pre-schoolers in Singapore an exciting and fun local icon that also promotes shared Singaporean values.

Mat Yoyo debuts on 1 Jan 2012, every Sunday on Suria, followed by a daily telecast on weekdays in March 2012 on Okto, a weekly telecast from April 2012 on Channel 8 and a weekly telecast from June 2012 on Vasantham.

Singapore Malay Entertainment Portal believes that the new Mat Yoyo series will carry a wholesome and feel-good family entertainment and fun. So, be sure to catch it! Stay tuned to for more exclusive entertainment news! wants to hear from you! Share your memories of Mat Yoyo with! What were your favourite moments? What would you like to see return?