Inzpire Music introduces Yangseku and Avara


Inzpire Music has collaborated with Pasha, the vocalist from well-known Indonesian band Ungu, to produce singles for a new duo, Yangseku. The duo is made up of Putri Anne Istinuary and Fenty Febrianty who are sisters to Pasha. Yangseku is a shortform for “Yang Selalu Kusayang”.

Their first single, Pujaan Hati, portrays a good harmony between the two. However, Pujaan Hati deprives them of showcasing their true vocal talents. Both Putri and Fenty have good vocals but they need a unique selling point to stand out, yet this single is a typical song that one would expect from a duo comprising of two young girls. Simply put, the song gives the “sweet-sounding and nice-to-hear” impression but it lacks of expressing their vocal capabilities. Similarly, their second single, Ya TuhanKu delivers the exact reaction.

Another new addition to the music industry is Avara. Avara consists of vocalist Arjuna, guitarist Anjar, drummer Hasan and bassist Bowo. Their first single, Hanya Pada-Mu, is a decent introduction for the band. The soothing vocals and strong music arrangement matches very well to form a comprehensive song. Avara also recently worked with local singer, Didicazli, to rearrange this single which was released again last month.

Yangseku and Avara are equally competent additions to the industry. Singapore Malay Entertainment Portal believes that Yangseku and Avara have the potential to excel and go far, and we wish them all the best in the journey of pursuing their career!

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