Rockin’ Saturday and a Chat with Kotak



Some of the hottest Malay bands and artistes from Malaysia, Indonesia and our own home of Singapore performed at Marina Barrage last Saturday. It rained before it could start and the stage was moved from the roof to the second floor, delaying the start of the show. The fans were given a real treat as they sang and even danced along to their favourite music at Muzik FM concert from evening till one in the morning.

Singapore Malay Entertainment Portal was there at this massive show and with each performance, we noticed the ever-increasing excitement from the audience despite the delays and seating change. It seemed like nothing could take away their joy of seeing their favourite performers that day.


The concert started with a singing competition with the top three finalists to be announced later that day and then followed by local musicians such as The Sallys and Shahridzuan. They were warmly greeted and appreciated by the crowd. Next was a mix of Malaysian and Indonesian artistes and bands such as Sofaz and Kichi.

Before Kichi started, they walked offstage for a while after setting up. There was yet another delay for some untold reason and possibly to compensate for this, the MC and some security officials guided Dayang Nurfaizah and One Nation Emcees down to the audience. Of course, everyone jumped off their seats to greet their favourite artistes from Malaysia and take pictures. The fans had all but forgotten the confusion from earlier.

Then, Dayang and One Nation Emcees returned to the second floor as the show resumed with Kichi as scheduled. However, some of the audience had already left but the rest stayed for the last few performances.

Finally, the concert came to a close with its last act, Indonesian rock band Kotak. It seemed like this was the band everyone was waiting for as they rushed nearer to the stage, looking up admiringly at the young band from Jakarta and singing along to the songs. It was truly a bittersweet Saturday night, leaving everyone including Team Sungguh with a smile on our faces.

We even interviewed Kotak afterwards just to catch up with them.

“We’re very touched that Singapore fans would stay and wait this late for us. Thank you!” said lead singer Tantri.

Any plans in 2012? “We’ll be having a showcase at Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta in March,” said bassist Chua, smiling.

We also asked what it was like to collaborate with Canadian band Simple Plan in their song and video ‘Jet Lag’.

“It was fun because it was the first time we collaborated with another band. We were very excited!” Tantri gushed.

Last words for the night?

“Thank you, Singapore, for your support of our music and hopefully we’ll meet at a bigger event next time!” said Tantri on behalf of Kotak.