SLAM Kembali Merindu at Suntec City Convention!


Responsible for sending hordes of fangirls and fanboys into a love-struck mode back in the 90s, SLAM has now made their slamming return (pun intended) into the music scene with their first ever concert in Singapore. The pop rock sextet is now back crooning their top hits of love ballads at their 2nd concert after 11 years. Highly regarded as one of the most unique and respected bands of their time in the region, SLAM pleased fans with news of their concert – after their decade long hiatus which sent fans to speculate their disbandment.


In a separate interview, vocalist, Zamani Ibrahim mentioned, “We want to gain back what we have wasted the past 10 years,” and with ‘Kembali Merindu’ concert, they sure have set the ball rolling. The concert in Singapore is not just a one-off return of SLAM. Discussions are under way to answer lovecalls for a concert from Indonesian and Malaysian fans as well. The members are definitely looking toward re-establishing SLAM’s presence in the music industry for both existing and new fans alike.

It was a timely opportunity for them when O’Lando Music Production approached them to honour their first ever concert organized as its main line-up. Unlike their unplugged concert back in ’96, Kembali Merindu brought the audience through the concert with its own story flow accompanied by their greatest hits.

The concert at Suntec City Convention Hall kicked off with Zamani working up the crowd as he belted out Sinar Menunggu with his signature unique vocals that croons listeners to a pile of goo; and that was the case for the remaining 24 songs. The setlist, boasting 25 of their hit songs also featured local orchestra band, OrkeStar Trio whom gave a breath of new life to old hits such as Kurnia and Maria Mariana with its fresh orchestral arrangement of the said hits. The audience loved it, and even without Zamani singing, they took lead of their own cue and sang along.

You know these guys are the real deal when you have the audience of varying age range singing along with much gusto to their evergreen hits such as Kembali Terjalin, Malam Ku Kesiangan, Manisya Rindu, Tak Mungkin Berpaling, Mentari Muncul Lagi, Nur Kasih and Jika Kau Rasa Getarnya. Fans were totally reliving their old days of love ballads that they once relate to.

Towards the end, the band members surprised member Abdul Razak Bajuri, better known as Ajaq, with a surprise birthday song and cake for the 2nd guitarist who just turned 38.

Fans also get to witness the members’ antics which they don’t get to see often. Zamani also not only wowed audience with his signature vocals, but also earned himself a “signature laughter” that mirrors that of a kid’s and much contrary to his cool and quiet rockstar image.

With things going on a high note, it was no surprise that the audience roared for an encore when SLAM left after their last song. Much to everyone’s delight, the band returned on stage to treat them to the much anticipated hits Kembali Merindu and Gerimis Mengundang that once reigned music charts in the region.

Just as well, they well deserved the standing ovation as fans roared out their appreciation and satisfaction at the end of the 2 hours concert. 

While fans may think they have not had enough of SLAM and some of the unsung hits, it is best left for the next time when and if should they return to answer Kembali Merindu lovecalls for 2013 😉

(Article credit and contribution by Sungguh reader Ratna Mas’ Ayu!)