Fiza O Reveals The Secrets to Beauty – Rita Bella


Hey Girlfriends! It’s been a while since we have something special for the ladies., Singapore’s Malay Entertainment Online Portal, got an oh-so-exclusive invite from the oh-so-pretty Fiza O for the launch of her beauty product last weekend! We like!


Held in Joo Chiat Complex last Saturday afternoon, the launch introduced Rita Bella beauty products – Fiza O’s Special Edition. Hundreds turned up even before Fiza O appeared on stage. Hot and glamorous celebs like Aura Shai, Mastura Ahmad, Fadlur Rahman, Didicazli and Roze Kasmani were there to support her too. 

Rita Bella Fiza O’s Collection caters to anyone who wants to look naturally beautiful. The skin care system of the Illume Series provides the best hydration for your skin as well as keeping it smooth and refreshed.

The launch was smooth and superb. Happening guest appearances had made the crowd bigger, literally. They filled up the mall up till the last floor! The soul man Imran Ajmain showed up on stage during the launch, standing tall in between hosts Hafiz Glamour and Fiza O…oopsie! He made an honest remark that singing in front of his fans after a long hiatus made him pretty nervous. But nonetheless, his vocals are still remarkable. Sungguh merdu sekali…

And there was Aryan Band! Arrghhh! Hot, hip, cool and happening. All of the above! They performed their popular rendition of Azura which brings goose bumps for the audience.

Fiza O truly appreciates the support she has received from her family, friends and fans. Here’s what she has got to say…

“I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart for coming. Ada yang datang jauh dari Jurong. Saya rasa besar hati sekali melihat ramai yang datang walaupun promosi untuk acara agak singkat…Saya harap pendengar yang telah mendapatkan RitaBella akan berpuas hati dengan perbezaan pada kulit muka mereka.”

If you want to know more about the beauty products, you can visit or call 68444486. Stay around for more happening updates!