Alleycats: Istimewa Buat Singapura



The wild invigorating and immensely popular Alleycats returns for a solo concert in Singapore after 37 years. With hits after hits, fans were treated to a full 2 hours of nostalgic flashbacks into Alleycats and their greatest music.



Singapore Malay Entertainment Portal was honoured to be invited to the spectacular concert last night at the Esplanade Concert hall. The concert was a huge success all thanks to organisers, Raistar Entertainment.


Opening the concert with their most popular hit song, Sampaikan Salam Cintaku, the audience went nuts for the veterans. Fans were very engaged in the concert with playful banter with lead singer, Datuk David Arumugam. Fans from all walks of life filled the concert hall, singing along loudly to their favourite hits. Yes, even spotted the younger generation in the audience having a blast at the richly entertaining concert. We even saw Caucasians!!! There clearly isn’t a limit on Alleycats’ fanbase especially in Singapore, with a mixture of races attending this long-awaited comeback concert.


All styled up in their signature 70’s style suits, Alleycats lit up the stage in red and white; showing their support to our national colours. But course who could forget Datuk David Arumugam’s trademark Afro hair-do and the rest of the band still keeping up their signature looks. Some of the hits performed include titles like Sekuntum Mawar Merah Sebuah Puisi, Berjuta Batu, Senandung Semalam, and Layang Layang Terputus Talinya. The crowd kept asking for MORE!!!


Despite their ages, the band still looked and sounded amazing, we could sometimes forget that we were listening to them live! It sounded just as good as on record (ok a bit old-school to call it record, CD then…). And of course after every song, Datuk David Arumugam would give his ever so popular trademark “Terrrrima kasihhhh!” making the audience squirm (yes I said it, squirm) with joy. Even the couples in their later 50s had smiles from ear-to-ear plastered on their faces!


2 die-hard fans even came donned in Afros and were proudly showing them off to the Alleycats’ and the audiences. Maintain….!!!


If u were among the sungguh! happening audience at the concert, do share with us your experience and thoughts! For more events coverage stay tuned to! Sungguh hot, hip, cool & happening! Terrrrima kasihhhh!!!