“Bagai Mimpi” –Rancour returns with Nurulhuda!


Following the release of their last singles Maafkanlah Aku and Biarlah, Rancour took a brief hiatus to tweak, rework and perfect their next highly anticipated release. After 2 years of hard work, “Bagai Mimpi” has finally hit the airwaves, to fantastic response from fans and casual listeners alike. A feel-good motivational track, this self-written and produced song is all about achieving your dream, which was probably inspired by the band’s victory during Anugerah Band!


For this single, the band collaborated with Singapore Idol alumni and friend Nurulhuda, who shares their passion for music-making. Wow, first time we had an Anugerah/Idol crossover! Sungguh happening!

Despite the ups and downs Rancour has faced since their 2008 win, changing managements and developing their sound, the band have emerged stronger and are sure to not disappoint. Singapore’s Malay Entertainment Portal Sungguh.com managed to score an e-mail interview with the band to find out more about their journey thus far!

1. Your new single Bagai Mimpi has just been released. Tell us a little about the song.
Bagai Mimpi is a feel-good, motivational song in which it tells us about the drive and the motivational factor that an individual will have if he has a dream. It could also be interpreted as a direction for him to take rather than floating aimlessly without any goals in life. That being said, the song at the same time reminds us that we can also lose it easily without self determination.

2. Why did it take so long to remake this single?
Rancour was signed to AMU after winning Anugerah Band in 2008. However we do not have the opportunity to release it as yet. Furthermore, the collaboration we had previously did not work out well. We left the management (but still have good relationship with them) and try to work things out on our own. We are currently signed to Labels of Love in terms of talent management. It took us two years to analyze and study the potential of Rancour. Finally a collaboration with Nurulhuda happened and we made it to suit to the current musical influence and trend.

3. What are some of the challenges that you face as a band? (for this single/in general)
Like we have mentioned before since the collaboration with the previous featured artist did not work, the challenge was to find a replacement for the part of the female vocals which has to meet to some of our requisites for the song. As Rancour is naturally known as a pop-punk band, we were looking for someone who was comfortable and had that element in her to carry out this song. And Nurulhuda seems to be the perfect choice for us. In general as a band there are bound to have differences as we are all individuals with different musical influences. However, we always bring to discussion and lay out our differences. Bottom line, we just want the best for d band. Another challenge that we face as a band is time. As all of us have full time job, we are only able to record at night and time management is important

4. What was it like working with Nurulhuda, Singapore Idol alumni?
With Nurulhuda, it was really easy to work with her as we have known her for quite some time. Our common interest in musical taste and the relationship we have with her was very strong and so we were very much comfortable working with her as her style suits the band. Furthermore, we also do have the same level of ‘lameness’ in our jokes and that is a good thing.

5. Since winning Anugerah Band in 2008, how have your individual lives changed?
Individually our lives did not change drastically in terms of character and personality. What we can say as a band is that the level of awareness increases because you always have to be on your toes and look at the environment in this industry. We wouldn’t say that it has been a path of roses for us because there were also some bad experiences that we had. So we took it in our strides and learn from the past. If anything, the band is more focus and serious in making music but as an individual, we are just the same typical Singaporean guys who enjoy a good coffee sesh in A&A or Starbucks.

6. Were you expecting such a good response to this single?
What we were trying to achieve in this single has always been the same for all the singles that we had released before. And that is to sound different and as fresh as possible to the audience. The song that had been released before also varies in styles and Bagai Mimpi has a faster and upbeat tempo. Hopefully the audience would share our sentiments and have an interest in the song.

7. With this new single out, what can we expect from your upcoming album?
In the upcoming album, you can expect the real and original Rancour, with no interventions. All the songs in this upcoming album somewhat shape the identity of the band and every single song is a leaf out of the band’s experience. The album is also regarded as a diary for the band with one of the song written as a gratitude to the people and the fans who have made it happen.

8. When can we expect the full album/ more singles?
Hopefully before August 2012. So there you have it! Rancour fans and lovers of good local music, pencil in August 2012 in your calendars and you won’t be disappointed! For more information on Rancour, check out their website! And for more exclusive celebrity news, check back on Sungguh.com!