The voting is on. Ombak Rindu is in the lead. Will it be the most popular movie of year 2011?


It’s a night of blockbusters at the Anugerah Blokbuster 2011! This prestigious award show will make its debut this 6 October in Stadium Malawati Shah Alam and is set to be an annual event starting 2012. Malay-movie fanatics are thrilled to root for their favourites in the various categories such as Most Popular Movie, Best Director, Best Horror Movie and not forgetting Best Hero and Heroin.

Fans have already voted for their top 10 last September and now they are at the last lap of the race. Let’s look and reminisce at the nominated titles for the Most Popular Movie:

Ombak Rindu: Face it. There was an ‘Ombak Rindu fever’ in Singapore when it first hit the city. This movie is known for its heartfelt story, the beautiful soundtrack by Hafiz and Adira, and of course the hot stars, Aaron Aziz and Maya Karin.

KL Gangster: Fierce movie. Fierce side of Aaron Aziz. Some would agree that the actions and the fights are very impressive.

Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa: The epic masterpiece that your friends might have urged you to watch because of its ancient setting.

Hantu Bonceng: Popular among Zizan Raja Lawak fans. It’s no wonder the horror-comedy movie made it to the box office!

Sekali Lagi: This movie probably got its popularity from the fresh, talent and super cute young actress Mia Sara! And not forgetting the unique storyline anchored by Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam.

Karak: Directed by Yusry KRU, this horror movie might have haunted you in your dreams. Haha!

Bini-Biniku Gangster: The action-comedy movie starring Yana Samsudin, Shaheizy Sam and Intan Ladyana that pretty much hooked Malay moviegoers.

Cun: The title says it all. You just got to love this romance comedy movie with the dashing couple Remy Ishak and Maya Karin.

Nur Kasih The Movie: Popular among Nur Kasih fans who very much fell in love with the heartfelt story of a village lady named Nur Amina.

Papa I Love You: The story of a single dad who is trying to raise his daughter (Mia Sara). Something fresh. Mia definitely brought the character to life beautifully.

Fuuh…top 10 blockbusters. Which is your pick? Don’t wait, vote now at http://www.anugerahblokbuster.com.my.

Wanna catch Anugerah Blokbuster on TV same time same day as Malaysia? Here’s your chance! Watch it LIVE this 6 October 8.30pm on Astro Ria, Ch 608 mio TV.



Photo credit: http://www.anugerahblokbuster.com.my