Arrow brings superheroes to mio TV!


Can’t get enough of superheroes? Thirsting for more after the big-screen action of The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises? Well, mio TV has got you covered with an all-new exciting television series from the creative team behind the box-office smash Green Lantern!


For those not in the know, Arrow revolves around billionaire playboy Oliver Queen (played by the dashing Stephen Amell) who, after being shipwrecked, returns back to Starling City to start life anew! Who knew that there is more underneath the surface, for Oliver has in fact created the alter ego of crime fighter Arrow, a master archer off to clean the streets of baddies! So Batman! 

In reality of course, Arrow is based off the DC comics character Green Arrow, one of the members of superhero team Justice League, and is well-known for his trick arrows, which include wacky gadgets such as explosives, trick arrows and even a boxing glove! The television adaptation aims to bring a grittier side to the masked vigilante, promising breath taking action sequences, cool costumes and fast-paced editing guaranteed to leave you breathless! Whether it will bring to mind the heart stopping moments of the big-screen heroes remains to be seen, as the pilot just aired on US television, but rest assured all you comic-book geeks and casual viewers alike will be in for a treat! 

Don’t forget to catch Arrow, premiering Friday 12th October on channel 823 at mio TV, just days after its US premiere! Check out the website for more listings and exciting shows hitting your screen! 

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