DJ KC weds Fiza O, congratulations!


Local DJ sweethearts of Ria 89.7FM, KC and Fiza O, are now officially husband and wife. Yesterday, the solemnization ceremony was held at Sultan Mosque and was witnessed by their parents, close relatives and friends.

The beautiful white setting was filled with excitement particularly when the bride Fiza O made her appearance at the hallway. Wearing a stunning white-silver outfit (by Raffiey Nasir) with an elegant headscarf, she was well poised although moments before the solemnization. But later she became a tad emotional as she was thanking her parents for their love and support. Alalalaa….sayaaangg sekali!

DJ KC came soon after, looking very prepared for the moment. Smiling humbly, he greeted his soon-to-be father-in-law and took his position. The customary event then began in a flash and KC only had to pronounce his marriage once. (Steady lah bro!)

The lucky bride received a mas kahwin of an $8,000 diamond ring along with a dowry of $15,000 cash.

In a quick chat with, DJ KC said, “Janji saya adalah untuk menjaga dia…membelikan apa jua beg yang dia nak…kasut-kasut…baju-baju (Laughs) Taklah, saya akan menjaga dia menjadi seorang suami yang bertanggungjawab.”

Fiza O: “And I promise to love him more and more after our marriage, insyaAllah. Thank you to all who have supported us all these while…we hope that we will be together forever all the way till Jannah.” wish them an everlasting love and blissful marriage! Looking forward to their juniors!!

And to their fans, don’t miss your chance to meet the lovely bride and groom at the Singapore Flyer Coach Bay this afternoon at 4.30pm!

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