Nurul Aini Introduces Her Newborn Daughter, Shaista Eman!


Yesterday’s Aidiladha was a double occasion for Nurul Aini and her family. The lovable Mediacorp host has given birth to a healthy baby girl at 12.16pm as reported on her Facebook yesterday. And of course, had a quick morning chat today with the excited mom!


“This time, it is a thousand times easier!” says Nurul about her second delivery. In her first delivery, she took about 18 hours but this time it took only 5 hours! “I was anticipating that it would be as bad as the first but (surprisingly) it was short and painful.”


Shaista Eman, that’s the name of her precious little bundle. Gushing about her little girl, she explained, “Shaista means polite, courteous, intelligent and beautiful.” (Just like her mom huh? J) “And Eman means faith”. That name indeed matches perfectly with her son, Shan Ehan. “I’ve always call him Shan-Shine…so she would be my (little) Star.”


So how does the little brother feel about having a sister now? “The moment he sees her, he keeps on talking and talking! When I was still pregnant, I’ve been telling him that there’s ‘adik’ in the tummy and when baby is out, he should play peek-a-boo with her.” So indeed, he has been playing peek-a-boo with the sister. Shosweet!


When asked about how she plans to manage her career with two kids, Nurul spoke in all honesty, “I really don’t know how to answer that.” Nurul knows that the initial stage is going to be tough, plus the pressure of getting back in shape and looking good. But the tough mom says she is going to go with the flow, taking it at her own pace and time. There’s the spirit yeah!


Nurul will be back on TV next month to host for Suria’s lifestyle magazine show, Jus! Looks like she’s all ready to roll out after months of hiatus. Well, rest well and heartiest congratulations to Nurul Aini and family on the arrival of Shaista Eman.


Photo Source: Nurul Aini FB